Group Dining FAQ

Group Dining


What is Food and Beverage Minimum?

Food and Beverage minimum means as long as you spend what the minimum food and beverage, there will be no room charge. TAX and TIP are not included in this food and beverage minimum. If you don't meet the specific food and beverage minimum, the difference will be charged as a room fee.

When do you require a party menu?

Parties of 15 or more require a private menu.

Can I arrive early to add a few decorations to the space?

Yes you can.  Depending on the time of your party, guests typically can arrive 30 minutes to an hour early to setup.

On the printed menu, can I add a personal heading? (i.e. "Julie's 40th Birthday")

Yes. Absolutely!

I have children in attendance? Is there a menu option for the little ones?

Yes. We have a kids menu ranging from $6 to $10. Kids are not expected to order from the group dining menu.

When do we need to provide final head count?

Please provide final head count 72 hours prior to your event.

Can we bring our own dessert?

Yes you can bring your own dessert. There is an additional $2 cutting fee per plate. Some guests will forfeit the dessert option on the menu to avoid the cake cut fee.

How will the tables be set up?

It depends on the size of the group and your needs. Some times we will make one or multiple long tables or a number of round tables next to each other.

Are there vegan options?

Yes there is. We can do a cappelini pomodoro, pasta primavera, portobello mushroom appetizer, bruchetta without the cheese.

Is it possible to substitute items?

Yes it is. However, it may change the price of the party menu.

Do you have gluten free pasta?

Yes we offer a gluten free pasta that is interchangeable with most of pasta dishes..

How do the guests pick their food items?

A party menu of your choice will be printed and given to each guest, and they will pick there items from that menu and tell the server on the day of the event.

What are our group dining options?

We have the main dining area, the lounge (next to the bar) and the outdoor patio (weather permitting). We do not a private room.

What is the capacity of the patio?

The patio can accommodate roughly 70 guests.

Are there heaters on the patio?

Yes. There are heaters on the patio.